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New Features

What's New in DirSize v6.1 - July 15, 2013

* Fixed missing help and Set Default Parameters files, and changed from 14-day to 30-day evaluation.

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Detailed Changes Log

What's New in DirSize v6.0 - May 29, 2013

* Dual x32/x64 release.

What's New in DirSize v5.0 - August 14, 2012

* Now ignores links - so you can get a true idea of where the disk space is actually being used.* -nowaste now removes wasted space column from -tab and -comma reports.* Column header consistency between -tab and -comma reports.

What's New in DirSize v4.9.1 - March 12, 2009

* Now handles file sizes larger than 4GB.

What's New in DirSize v4.9 - March 3, 2009

* Install now adds DirSize to the system path.* Now includes ALL folders - some folders were skipped before, and counted as files.

What's New in DirSize v4.8

* File counts are now included in the -comma and -tab displays.

What's New in DirSize v4.7.1

* Uninstall now correctly removes registry entries.

What's New in DirSize v4.7

* New command line option -nooffline to ignore file sizes of offline files.

What's New in DirSize v4.6

* New command line option -noheader to disable the header for CSV and Tab reports.* New command line option -longest to display a report of the folder names exceeding 255 characters, or with invalid characters in their names.* Warnings about the maximum path length being exceeded are now directed to Standard Error, and no longer appear in reports.

What's New in DirSize v4.5

* Fixed default parameters not being recognized.

What's New in DirSize v4.4

* New HTML output with a style sheet that can be modified to hide different parts of the display.* The total space used by a folder and its subfolders is now shown on the left, and the space used by the folder alone (without its subfolders) is shown in square brackets [...]. This is the reverse of the previous output format, and is far more natural, especially for reading sorted reports.* Disk sizes are now shown in bytes, KB, MB or GB depending on size.

What's New in DirSize v4.3

* Fixed %% shown in HTML output.

What's New in DirSize v4.2

* Pressing F1 during DirSize's display now shows the help file

What's New in DirSize v4.1

* Fixed problem with special characters with foreign languages by removing SetFileAPIsToOEM* Fixed bug with extra scrolling by ignoring extra keys sent from Windows* Added options to disable to folder total and folder+subfolder totals displays, allowing just the directory tree to be output

What's New in DirSize v3.9

* Added Windows Explorer context menu items for Drives and Directories* Changed installation method* Changed order links* Updated documentation

What's New in DirSize v3.8

* Added -html output format for web page output* Added extra help text when invalid sort method specified

What's New in DirSize v3.7

* HTML help* Small install/uninstall* Fix line wrap in dirsize config, add -nofiles option

What's New in DirSize v3.6

* New -nofiles option to disable file count column* Fixed compiler bug that caused -ve free space amounts* Command line defaults can now be set by each local user rather than being shared across the entire machine

What's New in DirSize v3.5

* New installation program makes it simple to install and uninstall* SendTo item created - now you can right click on a folder and send it to DirSize to find out its size* DirSize Start Menu items created* DirSize Icon created on desktop

What's New in DirSize v3.4

* Drive statistics now includes the drive label and File System type (typically FAT, FAT32, NTFS or HPFS)See http://www.datamystic.com for more details on DirSize