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Detach, Save, Remove and Compress Attachments in Microsoft Outlook

detachpipe_box Make Microsoft® Outlook® PST/OST files far smaller, faster and easier to backup!

Attachments can detached to disk with a clickable hyperlink left in place (the paperclip icon can be retained to assist searches based on attachments) or deleted. Attachments can be reattached later if required. Entire folders can have their attachments detached, saved, deleted, compressed or restored.

DetachPipe can detach incoming attachments from the Inbox, and re-attach to Forwarded emails in the Outbox. Attachments on Sent Items can be deleted. DetachPipe watches your Deleted Items and offers to remove attachments stored on disk when you delete the related email.

Attachments can be compressed for extra space savings, and DetachPipe even checks for and merges duplicate attachments - saving even more space.

DetachPipe gives you complete control over the naming of detached files. The default naming scheme of [Folder Name][Subject]_[FileName] allows the original email to easily be found. The file date is also set to the email date.

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DetachPipe for Outlook is available for Office/Outlook , and has the following editions:

  • Lite Edition ($19.95) - only detach to the local machine
  • Pro Edition ($29.95) - detach to any location
  • Runs under Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2016/2012/2008/2003 Server, XP x32 and x64
  • Major credit cards, purchase orders and checks accepted.


Installation is a simple one-click process that takes less than a minute. Our software does NOT contain Spyware, Adware or any other form of Malware. Click here to download

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