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Example Scenario

The screen shots below demonstrate how easy it easy for DataPipe to fix customer name capitalization and apply extra capitalization rules for surnames like McDonald, O'Reilly, de Castro etc. You can also see a live, online demo of this feature.

It also demonstrates DataPipe's UNIQUE ability to interactively modify data in a database.

Step 1. Choose the data source [top]

Once you've used the connection builder to specify the OLE DB/ODBC data source, DataPipe displays the database's tables in a drop down list. You can choose to retrieve data from any of those tables or you can write a SQL query.

Clicking on Preview data retrieves sample data from the data source.

Step 2. Sample data display [top]

The sample data display shows up to 1000 rows of the data that you will be changing. In our example we want to fix the ContactName field which is all upper-cased.

Click the Next button.

Step 3. Transformations to apply [top]

DataPipe lists all the available columns in a grid. This is where you choose a TextPipe Pro filter to apply to each column that you want to change. TextPipe Pro allows an amazing array of text transformations to be performed without coding, such as pattern matching and replacing, removing binary characters, trimming spaces etc. It also supports powerful VBScript/JScript coding.

TextPipe Pro is bundled with DataPipe.

Once you've chosen the TextPipe filters to apply to each column, click the Preview button to test the modifications (the Fix name capitalization filter is included with DataPipe).

Step 4. Preview changes [top]

The Preview changes grid shows the sample data with the modifications made. If prompting is enabled on any of the search and replaces (you can have as many as you like!), DataPipe will prompt to confirm.

The modified text is shown in the ContactName column, and the capitalization looks great!

When you're ready to perform the changes on LIVE data, click the Go button. 

Step 5. Live data changes [top]

This is when the changes will actually be made to the database. The entire process is automated if prompting is disabled.

Secure Web Orders - All Editions Buy NOW!