This example shows how you can split name columns:

Simon Carter
Sujit Kondapaneni
Jack McDonald

Convert to...

FirstName LastName
Simon Carter
Sujit Kondapaneni
Jack McDonald


We assume that the table you are working with is called CUSTOMERS. Substitute your own table name. We also assume that the column with the full name data is called FULLNAME.

Step 1. Add Columns

If you don't already have two new columns for First and Last name, add them now-

alter table CUSTOMERS add FirstName varchar(30), LastName varchar(30);

Step 2. Copy Data

Next we need to seed these columns with data so we can use DataPipe to massage it:

update CUSTOMERS set FirstName=FULLNAME, LastName=FULLNAME

Step 3. Configure DataPipe

Connect DataPipe to your database, and select the CUSTOMERS table. You should be able to see your data on the Sample Data tab.

On the Transforms tab, go to the FirstName field. Specify the filter reduce to first name.fll.

Now go to the LastName field. Specify the filter reduce to last name.fll.

Both these filters are in the DataPipe filters folder.

Step 4. Test

Click the Preview button, and you should see the correct data in the FirstName and LastName columns. when you've checked this, click the Go button to run the changes against the database.