TextPipe Pro and DataPipe are designed to work together.

At the time of writing, DataPipe 3.3 requires TextPipe 6.8 or later.

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If you're having trouble getting DataPipe to work, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Uninstall both TextPipe Pro and DataPipe (order does not matter)
  2. Download TextPipe Pro Evaluation Edition (2.2M) Download TextPipe Pro (3.3 MB)
  3. Install TextPipe Pro
  4. Download DataPipe (3.0M) Download DataPipe (1.4 MB)
  5. Install DataPipe
  6. Load DataPipe using the 'Demo' Start Menu icon
  7. Go to the Transform tab, and click the Preview button

You should make sure that you are using the latest versions of TextPipe and DataPipe, because earlier versions had problems working together.

Do you have two TextPipe versions installed?

If so, DataPipe may find the wrong version. To force DataPipe to find the correct one, you must register the correct TextPipe in the registry, either by simply running it (which causes it to become registered), or by using the following command line:

textpipe.exe /REGSERVER

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